VTCAA Structure 

The Virginia Tech Crew Alumni Association is a pending 501c3 non-profit organization that connects the team's needs with the alumni's capabilities. The VTCAA acts as the main alumni network in order to keep track of and organize alumni events, news, and updates. The decisions of the VTCAA are determined by the Advisory Board, which acts primarily as a governing body. 

The structure of the VTCAA also allows alumni donations to be funneled directly to the team. So, when you donate via this website, your donation goes directly into the VTCAA account which then can be used to pay coaches and make purchases on behalf of the team. 

Why not just donate to the team itself? 

Good question: For every donation made to the Virginia Tech Crew Team, the VT Foundation receives a portion (5-7%) of the funds. So, donations are not 100% direct.